3 Reasons to Carry Led Flashlights For Tactical Uses

When we hear the word flashlight, we remember about the flashlight which we keep in our kitchen to use when the current goes off. However, a tactical flashlight is different. It has been separately designed for police and military use. It can also be used with a weapon for low light shooting. They are generally much smaller when compared with the regular flashlights but are much more powerful. They are also made of high quality aluminum to increase its durability. Although they are mainly designed for tactical use, but they can also serve as an excellent self defense tool for regular use.

Just like a pocket knife, a tactical flashlight can serve as a great self defense tool. There will be a lot of situations where a tactical flashlight can be useful. And using them is very simple,all you have to do is just press a button. You don’t need any special training to use it. Apart from its self defense functions, you can also use it just like a normal flashlight. If you live in any area which is prone to frequent power outrage, then carrying a flashlight is a must.

3 Reasons To Carry A Tactical Flashlight

led flashlights for tactical uses1. Helps to identify threats: Most attackers will just hide in the darkness and wait for the perfect opportunity to grab you. If you are passing by any suspicious dark area while walking, it will be better to just use the flashlight once to verify whether its safe. Having a flashlight will scare your enemies away, no one wants their face to be revealed.

2. You can blind your attackers: Still if anyone attacks you, then you can just flash the light in their eyes directly. It is powerful enough to blind your enemies for some seconds, giving you enough time to run away. Some of the top tactical LED flashlights also have a toothed bezel. When you momentarily blind your enemies, you can use it to hurt them.

3. You can carry it anywhere: It is not always possible to carry a hand gun everywhere. Some countries have very strict weapon laws. A tactical flashlight on the other hand can be used anywhere. You can also use it in an airplane.

How To Select The Top Tactical LED Flashlight

However, choosing the right kind of flashlight is extremely important. The main things which you should look before selecting a flashlight are:

1. Portable: It should be small enough and easy to carry. Make sure that it fits in your pocket properly.

2. Power: It should be strong enough to cause sufficient damage to your attacker. It should produce at least120 lumens of light.

3. Simple and easy to use: There are many different kinds of fancy flashlights available in the market. Some of them allows you to adjust the brightness depending on how hard you press the button. However, it is better to keep things simple. Just the normal on and off feature will be good enough. A good choice of a simple tactical flashlight is a x800 shadow hawk flashlight.

4. Durable: Make sure that you are using a tactical flashlight which is water proof. Also, it is better to use LED lights. They are more durable and does not get damaged when dropped.

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